• The Habilis Spider Hat is one of the most versatile pieces of equipment you can own. This one item alone can solve many of your camera support needs. It can be used as a Low Hat, or High Hat, eliminating the need for the use of apple boxes to achieve different lens heightsBy use of the extendable, articulating legs, and adjustable feet. We have designed the legs to withstand up to 200 pounds at 90-degrees. The Habilis can also be fitted with the additional Speed Rail receivers to be used with standard 1-¼" pipe and fittings 
    • Max height with standard legs 24” 
    • Minimum height 4 
    • 90-degree Speed Rail receivers  
    • Articulation Speed Rail receivers 
    • Easy leveling  
    • Anodized in flat black 
    • Versatel use in multi application.  


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